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Theme: Transportation (and Drive-In Movie Event)

Children's World introduced the theme "Transportation" to our students. It is aimed at providing the children with the opportunity to be involved in the excitement and passion of transport alongside with their day to day school activities.

Children explore different parts of a vehicle, and the differences between various types of transportation.

In relation to understanding and experiencing the differences between sea and land transport, students explore and experiment the concept of float and sink.

As part of the theme "Transportation", children were involved in building different types of vehicles as a team.

Wet work in progress:

Design, construction and assembling of vehicle parts made of cardboards:

The final product, way to go children!

The highlight of the theme was the drive-in movie event.

These activities are aligned with our education pillars, creating opportunities for our students to explore, experiment, and experience, opening up their minds to theme "Transportation".


Children's World

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