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Taska Children's World 的创始人将会与 8TV 主持人Chrystina黄玮瑄带你一起在8TV 八度空间的“谨训 Alert”节目中探讨《儿童的安全》的课题。

Feeling super excited for our founder's interview with 8TV! Our founder and 8TV host, Chrystina Huang will take you on the topic of "Children's Safety" in the 8TV "Alert" program.

Celebrating festivals together is a great way to build a sense of community within the Children's World (TCW) family and friends.

This year, Children's World was delighted to organize the lantern party at our completely refurbished school ground. We're so glad that the Mid-Autumn festival is one of the flagship events at TCW where family and friends can come to enjoy the children performances as well as free food.

The celebration event included children performances, lantern-making, story telling, sing along as well as lantern parade.

All gathered for the celebration.

Children's performance at the Lantern Party

Put your imagination to work and get crafty with your child and create your very own lantern!

Showcase your lantern, and see them glow!

Children presentation and performances.

Highlight of the event - Lantern Parade/ Walk.

A big thank you to all the parents and friends who came. We felt a sense of community seeing so many people coming together to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival. Till then, see you next Mid-Autumn Festival!

You know we love our vibrant colours, guess who loves them too? Here's our recent feature by Nippon Paint Malaysia 'Child Wellness Range' on our beautiful range of colours, and especially our priority in our children's health and wellness!


Children's World

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